Sustainable fashion on fleek: Here’s a list of eco-friendly shops we’re currently in love with

Shopping is always on the to-do list when I’m out and about while travelling. But when you’re trying to be your best sustainable, Earth-loving self, lifting your fashion game can be difficult. Wear sustainability on your sleeve cos we’ve got you covered with the perfect list of environmentally friendly shops to help you embrace your inner eco-warrior. 

Whether you want to channel the breezy beach vibes or stock up on sustainably-sourced basics, this list has everything you need. 


Kit X

It’s easy to fall back to basics when you’re looking to love the Earth and expand your eco-friendly wardrobe. Kit X is here to prove that being an eco-warrior doesn’t have to mean skimping on style and luxury. Their dresses and clothing items are all handmade and they use organic and non-toxic materials in their clothing. So not only do the dresses look stunning, they’re good for the environment but for you too. Plus, they use synthetic materials and recycled polyester, for even more saving the Earth action. 

Spell & The Gypsy Collective

If you want to look and feel like the ultimate eco-queen then Spell & The Gypsy Collective are the perfect choice! Channel your inner breezy Byron Bay soul or become one with the beach. With flowy florals, cute graphic tees and more on offer. Spell uses more than just one type of regulated, sustainable fibre, from organic cotton to hemp and wood pulp. They take every step to ensure that chemicals and processes cause less harm to the environment.

Arnhem Clothing 

Leading the way in sustainable fashion is trailblazer Arnhem Clothing, who are absolutely killing the eco-friendly game. Inspired by nature and summer vibes, Arnhem is perfect for re-lifting and revitalizing your wardrobe. Pick as many items as you want because Arnhem uses a variety of sustainably-sourced, recycled or certified fibres. Arnhem source sustainably and their beautiful array of patterns are digitally printed, saving water and chemicals in the process. They’re sustainable down to the label, with garment labels and tags made from recycled materials and plastic free packaging. 



If you’re after premium quality basics that are good for mother nature, Bassike is a must. Not only do they use organic or sustainable cotton, but they also source their linen from flax plants. They stock jeans made traditionally by Japanese artisan denim makers for the best quality products.

Swimmers rejoice, because Bassike uses high performance Italian nylon/Lycra blend fabric for their swimwear. Less water used to have more fun in the sun? How good does that sound! Where they can cut down on water, energy and their carbon footprint, they have.  Simple, but effective.

Citizen Wolf 

One brand I absolutely adore for sustainable clothing that doesn’t hold you back is Citizen Wolf. Not only are they all about basics, but elevate the experience, with clothes measured and made just for you. A fitted t-shirt that actually fits you? Yes please! And if you’re worried they won’t fit, don’t fret – they’ve got you covered with free alterations.

Source: Citizen Wolf

And in a revolutionary move, they use deadstock, material that usually ends up in landfills, to make tote bags. They’re saving the scraps and their all natural clothing is laser cut, ethical and zero waste. They also have the shortest supply chain so no extra carbon waste is created from making your custom fit clothing.  They really know the aim of the ethical and sustainability game.


If you’re totally here for the 90’s fashion revival, then you’ll love Nagnata like a good 90’s throwback song. Their outfits have cute, simple patterns and slim lines that incorporate pops of colour. Not only is Nagnata good for the environment, but it’s down to get diggity with your high-waisted dreams. They use organic cotton as well as natural and renewable fibres to weave the ultimate shorts, dresses and jumpers. Once you purchase a Nagnata item, it’s here to stay, as their clothing is designed to last. And with minimal waste produced in their clothing creation process, there’s no reason to not get with the agenda. 

Source: Nagnata

Outland Denim 

A good pair of jeans is hard to find, but when you’re channeling sustainable vibes, it’s like fishing for your keys in the dark. Before you walk into your nearest denim retailer, take a good look at Outland Denim. They cover everything, from your classic skinny jeans to a nice jacket. They’re environmentally conscious but don’t crimp on the style, even if they crimp on water and harmful chemicals. Supporting the careers of their seamstresses is key to Outland Denim, so they’re not just ethical by name.


Salt Gypsy

If you thought your bikini couldn’t be more ocean-friendly, we’ve got a message for you: it gets better. Many of the brands listed already use sustainably-sourced materials for their swimwear, but Salt Gypsy takes that idea and elevates it. By using ECONYL, a regenerated nylon yarn that feels as good as new nylon, they’re saving the environment in more ways than one. Sourced from discarded fishing nets, ECONYL is saving the environment one recycled fish net at a time. Salt Gypsy is all about celebrating women – from female surf athleticism to diversity and style in the water sports field. Can’t get more positively ocean-loving than that. 

Source: Salt Gypsy


If all else fails or you’d rather not shop online, be more community conscious and try thrifting. Sydney, Byron Bay and Bondi are chockablock full of thrift shops to wander through aisles of once-loved outfits. Make a day out of it and hop over to Newtown is best for thrifting adventures and great cafes. Do a little more research and you’ll find plenty of weekend markets and clothing sales that give back to the community. 


All the shops we’ve listed are environmentally friendly or ethically-focused (or both!) so you can shop to embrace your inner eco-warrior. But there’s plenty more out there, both online and on the buzzing cities around Australia. Hit the streets and explore what you can do to be more sustainable on your clothing adventures. You might just find the perfect pair of jeans or the most comfortable t-shirt you’ve ever worn, all while helping the environment. 

by April Maung

A Sydney-based journalist keen to walk the streets of Tokyo and explore Parisian cafes. Absolutely in love with cat videos and chocolate-filled donuts. Catch her on Instagram at @aprilyooon.

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