The Wake Up! Story


How it all began

Opening in 2002, Wake Up! Hostels is a young, fun and trusted accommodation brand forming part of The Millett Group. What started as an 8 storey building in Sydney CBD has now evolved into three locations - Wake Up! Byron Bay, Wake Up! Bondi Beach and Wake Up! Sydney. With a focus on social interactions, it encourages travellers to connect with each other through activities such as complimentary yoga, personal training, wine and cheese, walking tours and more.

Wake Up! Hostels is more than just a bed.






Our mission

What we're about

Wake Up! is a social hostel that encourages travellers to form lifelong bonds. Whether it’s being bunk mates, finding some beach walk buddies or being a part of the party-loving Side Bar shenanigans, Wake Up! is an experience that gives you the power to connect.

We love sharing your travelling tales so if you've got a story to tell, let us know!

About Us

A Sustainable Promise

We’re serious about sustainability, and we’re working hard to ensure it’s a core focus in all of our locations. From the beachy shores of Bondi, to the breezy beauty of Byron, we're dedicated to making sure our impact on the environment is as positive as we are!

Read up on our blogs to stay in touch with your inner environmental warrior and help us keep our footprint light.


An International Team Takes Care of the You!

With a kick-ass team of passionate travellers from all over the world, our staff are the heart and soul of Wake Up! Hostels.

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