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Revive your Insta-feed with these 6 ‘grammable Sydney spots

So I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with Instagram. Especially as a traveller, I love scrolling through other travel accounts for inspo. Instagram has helped me find some incredible and unique spots that are a little different and more of an adventure to get to.

I’ve shared the standard shots of Sydney; the epic icons of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and I’m sure you have too. Now it’s time to impress your friends with these 6 Insta-worthy locations in and around Sydney.

Palm Beach

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly “different” or “unique”, as everyone goes to Palmy for this iconic shot! It takes just under 2 hours and 2 buses to get there from Wynyard, but it’s totally worth it.

girl on cliff edge, Palm Beach
Image: Enjoy the sweeping views at Palm Beach (Source: @helendemelon)

Walk up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse for incredible uninterrupted views over the peninsula. There’s calm waters on the one side and energetic waves on the other. Look for the rock that sticks out from the edge – it’s a bit of a scramble to get to, but how cool does the photo look?! Best caption: “Sorry Mum!”

Figure 8 Pools

A little harder to get to, but makes for the best photos. I rented a car with a few friends and had a mini road trip to this awesome place, just over an hour outside the city. The walk from the car park alone is pretty tricky, taking around an hour downhill and clambering across the rocks (side note: the walk back up is even harder!).

Figure 8 Pool, water, jump
Image: These natural figure 8 pools are well worth the trek (Source: @helendemelon)

Plus, I was fuelled by adrenaline from the fear of the unpredictable waves, so make sure you research when it’s low-tide to avoid feeling like I did! Although I moan, it’s so beautiful and most definitely worthwhile if you’re into your nature. Seriously, how cool is it that a rock pool has naturally formed into a number 8?! Seeing it really made me feel in awe of this planet and its beauty. 

Dudley Page Reserve

A friend of mine had taken this exact same photo and I knew I just had to recreate it for myself. I wouldn’t have known this neat little photo opp was here if it wasn’t for her insta, so I’m sharing it with you all too! I just love how it looks like you’re swinging over the city, with great views of the skyline and harbour underneath.

Girl on swing, city backdrop
Image: Swing into the city with this photogenic backdrop (Source: @helendemelon)

You can get there via ferry or bus (I actually got the bus from Watson’s Bay after doing the South Head Heritage Trail and Hornby Lighthouse) and find this tiny little playground with the best views. It would also make a cute sunset date spot… just saying.

Hornby Lighthouse

Lighthouse, red
Image: Hornby Lighthouse in all its glory (Source: @helendemelon)

I feel like lighthouses are a staple to every travellers Insta feed and I know I’ve certainly visited a fair few all around the coast of Australia. With the Hornby Lighthouse, your lighthouse pic will stand out amongst the rest with its unique red and white circus-like stripes, perfect for the ‘gram.

Social Hideout

I couldn’t write a list of Instagrammable places in Sydney without a brunch spot! Social Hideout is heaven for picture-perfect brunches and my daily avo fix (a.k.a. obsession). It has the best backdrop of floral walls and drinks served in shiny chrome bathtubs. What more can you want?!

Image: Would you like some brunch with that?
@socialhideout (Source: @elle.wellnesslife)

Graffiti Tunnel

I love a pop of colour to brighten up my Insta feed, especially when travelling (as it certainly makes a nice change to the grey, drab tones of the UK and where I call home).

Graffiti, Sydney, girl
Image: Graffiti Tunnels at the University of Sydney

I found this hidden gem at the University of Sydney by accident, as I just went to check out their beautiful Cambridge-like buildings (also a great photo spot!). The graffiti tunnel is a perfect backdrop to any artsy shot.

As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for getting that perfect insta pic. But looking at the bigger picture, it’s all about the adventure you have in getting to these awesome locations, meeting new people and taking in the views (cheesy, I know).

If you want to go searching for these dope spots, ask others in your dorm if they’re interested in doing day trips like I did, or even ask at the Travel Up! desk if they offer any organised tours! Happy snapping!

girl, garden
by Helen Jackson

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