‘Straya 101: How do I play Goon of Fortune?

Ah Goon of Fortune. Where do I begin.

This traditional Aussie drinking game is a classic, and no backpacking experience Down Under would be complete without it!

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, Goon of Fortune is a drinking game played in the backyard on the Aussie-invented Hills-Hoist clothes line. Loosely based on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show, it’s become an Aussie favourite that’s played in thousands of backyards across the country.

What you’ll need:

1. Multiple goon sacks
2. A hills-hoist clothesline (image below)
3. Pegs
4. A bunch of mates! 

How to play:

Grab a full goon sack and peg it onto the clothesline. Round of your mates and get them to stand in a circle around the clothesline. When everyone’s in position, give the line a spin! When it comes to a stop, whoever is closest to where the goon sack landed takes a drink. After they drink, they then give the line a spin again. Keep repeating this until one person if left standing. If you leave the game or refuse to take a drink, you are eliminated.

There are heaps of different versions of the game, some with rules like having to stand on one leg after a certain amount of drinks, having a partner complete tasks while you drink, or even getting ‘dacked’ (Aussie word for having your pants pulled down) after 20 drinks.

However you play, remember to always drink responsibly.

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by Jaimmi McGregor

Digital Marketing chicka for Wake Up! Serial choc-a-holic, Dad joke enthusiast and travel lover from Australia. Follow along on @jaimmimcgregor_

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