Planning A Gap Year in Australia - What You Need To Know | 2022

Planning A Gap Year In Australia: What You Need To Know | 2022

Block out your calendar: it’s time to head abroad to Australia! Spending your gap year in Australia is every bit as unforgettable as you might imagine. In a country so diverse and unique, there are endless possibilities to what your Aussie adventure could look like. Maybe you’ll mix it up with some work and travel. Or you might cruise the coastline with an itinerary that takes you around the country. Perhaps you’re planning to see some must-see sites while also leaving time for backpacking spontaneity. However you plan to spend your gap year in Australia, a little research and planning now will make sure your trip is as enviable as Vegemite is delicious (extremely).

Below, we’ll cover the essentials (like, what visa you might want to apply for, and how to get around Australia). We’ll also share the tips that’ll save you money (because budget-friendly travel doesn’t have to be boring!). And finally, you’ll find itinerary inspiration ideas that’ll make you want to book that plane ticket yesterday!

Ready to hand feed kangaroos, and soak up the sunny vibes of Down Under? Let’s dive in!

The Essentials

  • What Visa Do I Need For Travelling To Australia
    Trying to work out which visa to apply for before entering Australia can be an overwhelming and confusing task! We’ve broken it down, so you can quickly and simply work out which visa suits you best. 
  • How To Get Around Sydney
    Our top tips for getting around Sydney and beyond; from public transport and car hire options, to interesting scenic walks around the city.
  • Transport Options for Travelling Around Australiacoming soon!
  • Byron Bay Without A Car
    No car? No worries! Here are 11 of our favourite things to do in Byron Bay when you don’t have a car.
  • Road Tripping Tips, Tricks and Advice
    Our van life experts, Elise and Rikki, take you through their best tips for road-tripping Australia. They’ve clocked up countless kilometres on the road, so you can bet they know what they’re talking about!

Job Hunting & Working Holidays

  • Landing a Job on Your WFH Visa: Backpacking jobs
    From working in the city to serving drinks at a beachside bar, being a live-in nanny or landing a gig in a country pub, check out our roundup of the best backpacker jobs on your working holiday visa.
  • Landing a Job on your WFH Visa: Our CV writing tipscoming soon!

Backpacking Itineraries For An Australian Gap Year

  • A 1-Month East Coast Australia Itinerary
    You have four weeks to spend in Australia, let’s make it count! This 30-day itinerary gives you a glimpse into the highlights of what lies along Australia’s stunning East Coast.

Budget-Friendly Gap Year Tips

  • Bondi Beach Happy Hours and Cheap Eats
    It’s possible to stay beachside on a budget, even at one of the most iconic beaches in the world! Lucky for you, we know just where to go for happy hours and cheap eats in Bondi Beach, and we’ve spilled all the details in this blog.
  • Sydney’s Best Budget Food and Happy Hour Specials
    We’re letting you in on some of our favourite cheap eats in Sydney. Delicious meals on a budget, takeaway snacks and happy hour specials – we cover them all. From sushi to pub grub, dumplings to tacos and everything in between, some of Sydney’s best culinary delights are those you can get on the cheap!
  • Where to Eat in Byron Bay on a Budget
    Byron Bay may be one of the more expensive destinations to travel to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cheap eats that are as delicious as they are budget-friendly. Take advantage of our taste-testing research, and bookmark these 10 cheap eats!

East Coast Australia Accommodation

Did you know that Wake Up! Hostels offers some of Australia’s best backpackers and gap year accommodation? With budget-friendly accommodation based in Sydney Central, Bondi Beach and Byron Bay, all three of Wake Up!’s award-winning locations combine superior quality, convenience, and a socially-driven community experience.

Many gap year travellers will begin their Aussie adventure flying into Sydney. If that sounds like you, then Sydney Central is a perfect base to get your holiday started. From the international airport, you can simply hop on the airport train and be taken to the city’s Central Station – directly opposite Wake Up!. Once checked in, you’ll soon discover the range of complimentary social activities on offer, which make it a breeze to mix and meet with travellers from all over the world.

After basing yourself in the centre of Sydney, many travellers then wish to experience staying at Bondi Beach. Wake Up! Bondi is located directly in front of Bondi Beach and has an exclusive rooftop for guests where you can soak up panoramic views of the sea, sunrise and sunset. Bondi is slightly further away from the city, so it’s a great idea to spend a few nights here where you can experience its coastal walks, bars, shops, and of course… the beach!

When you’re ready to start travelling the East Coast of Australia, make sure Byron Bay is on your itinerary! There is nowhere else quite like Byron. At Wake Up! Byron Bay, guests can maximise their experience, with perks such as free yoga classes and surfboard hire, affordable bike hire, complimentary shuttle buses that take you from the hostel to the town centre, and much more. In the evenings, chill out in Wake Up!’s palm tree BBQ area and meet other gap year travellers with our social evenings.

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