19 Travel Goals for 2019

If you had told me at this time last year that my biggest goals for 2019 were all travel-related, I’d say you were dreaming. Flash forward one year and I’m thrilled to announce my 19 travel goals for 2019! Time to start packing!

1. See a show at the Opera House

A few months ago, my friend saw a tap dance performance at the Opera House. It was too late for me to see the same show, but I’ve been itching to see a show at iconic Sydney Opera House ever since.

2. Visit the outback

Visiting the outback is a must-see on any adventurer’s bucket list in Australia. My goal is to see Uluru over sunset and sunrise, explore Alice Springs, and sleep under the stars!

3. Visit Perth and Rottnest Island

A lot of the friendships I’ve made on this trip have started with one simple question, “HAVE YOU SEEN A QUOKKA?” They are perhaps the happiest animals in the world. Quokkas (image below) live on Rottnest Island, right off the coast of Perth, and they literally smile when you take a selfie with them.

Image: @cambojones2020

4. Get my Open Water Diving Certificate on the Great Barrier Reef

Even though I’ve been told it’s much too expensive to earn my Open Water Scuba Diving Certificate in Australia, when else could I do 11 dives (depending on the company) on the Great Barrier Reef? If you break it down by price-per-dive, it’s not a bad deal at all. But, if you’re looking for a cheaper country to get certified in, check out Thailand.

 5. Meet a wombat

As you can tell from my Quakka obsession, I have a thing for adorable animals. My goal is to visit a wombat sanctuary while I’m in Australia to meet rescued wombats.

6. Visit New Zealand

Double the islands, double the fun! From its biodiverse scenery, ease of travel, and the unique wildlife, New Zealand will surely take my breath away. Another huge plus is that it’s a safe and social place to travel solo.

7. Visit Bali

Who knew Bali was a popular backpacker destination? I sure didn’t until I arrived in Australia. After following fellow backpackers on Instagram and seeing how beautiful the island of Bali, Indonesia is, I simply must visit while I’m on this side of the world. Seeing stunning Rice Fields, eating at every delicious vegan café, and relaxing at jaw-dropping beachs sound like the perfect holiday within a holiday. Plus, Bali is CHEAP! Only about $15 AUD per night for a hostel and you can find meals for as little as $1! With prices and beauty like this, it’s no wonder Aussie backpackers head north for a few weeks.

8. Say “Yes” More Often

One of the best days I’ve had in Australia began when I was woken up to my roommates who wanted to play card games after the common area closed. They felt bad for waking me up and offered to leave, but instead I said “Yes” when they invited me to play. Flash forward six weeks and two of the friends from that card game ended up being two of my closest friends on the East Coast.

9. Follow my own advice and focus on fitness

I recently shared different ways ways that I’ve managed to stay as fit as possible while traveling in my latest post on how to stay fit while traveling. Although I want to take full advantage of every fun opportunity that arises on the road, staying fit still a major priority for me this year.

10. Go skydiving

I specifically paid more for travel insurance that covers skydiving. Therefore, I know I’ll regret it if I don’t follow through on this goal! The most popular locations are Airlie Beach and Mission Beach (beach landing!), but you can Skydive in Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, and even some of the smaller isalnds like Fraser Island!

Image: @chaarly_ga

11. Visit the Blue Mountains

I’ve been living in Sydney for nearly two months, yet still haven’t visited the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters and the Jenolan Caves. I want to spend a night or two at a hostel in the Mountains so I can really take advantage of the incredible hikes in the area. If you’re looking for a day tour, check out Travel Up! in Wake Up! Sydney’sreception area for great deals.

12. Start learning a new language

I took three years of American Sign Language in high school, but I haven’t even thought about it since. Being around travelers from places like Germany where being fluent in two, three, or even four languages is normal has inspired me to learn another language. An app called Duolingo gives you easy exercises to start learning a language on your own. Spanish, here I come!

13. Go to the Figure 8 Pools

I tried to visit the Figure 8 Pools in last year, but didn’t realize that the tide and weather can make this beautiful spot extremely dangerous! The Figure 8 Pools is an area Sydney’s Royal National Park filled with different natural pools, with one being shaped like a perfect Figure 8. Be sure to check out tides and weather before you go to make sure it’s safe!

Image: @liludallas_

14. Visit Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica has never been on my radar, my mom recently visited and fell in love. So onto the bucket list it goes! Costa Rica is a vastly different environment than Australia, filling me with excitement to see monkeys, more beautiful beaches, and even drive a 4×4!

15. Visit New York

Although half of my family lives in New York, I haven’t been in nearly nine years! I want to visit Times Square, explore the nightlife, see a Broadway show, take a dance class at a famous dance studio, eat my way through my vegan restaurant bucket list, and, of course, see my family!

16. Solo travel a country where I don’t speak the language

I was nervous to backpack Australia alone where I speak the same language as locals. Having conquered that challenge, it’s time for me to really challenge myself and my social skills and backpack a country where I don’t speak the language. If others can do it, why can’t I?  

17. Find ways to work remotely

I have an enormous bucket list, which means I need to find ways to work remotely to pay for my travel expenses. I’m hoping to learn more about blogging, writing restaurant reviews, and doing some basic remote digital design.

18. Get a stamp in my passport

Sadly, Australia and Canada didn’t give my passport a stamp. 2019 will be the year my passport is stamped for the first time!

19. Keep up my travel journal

Ever since leaving home, I’ve filled the pages of my journal daily with stories of my adventures. Some days span three pages, others only a short line. It’s been incredible having the ability to go back and read about days that I thought were ordinary, but ended up extraordinary.


Before this year, the only place out of the United States I had visited was Whistler in Canada, and that was with all of my best friends. Looking back on how far I’ve come in 2018 fills me with excitement for my travels in 2019! What are you travel goals?

by Janine Denney-Mazzilli

Hi there! My name is Janine and I am a self-professed, travel obsessed foodie from Seattle. I recently graduated the University of Washington and am now living my Australian dream on a working holiday! Follow along on @janini133

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