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Hostel Spotlight: Wake Up! Bondi Beach

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up in Bondi Beach!

After living in the middle of Sydney’s central business district for nearly three months, I was desperate to live by the beach. Fortunately, the Wake Up! Hostel group has just opened a gorgeous, newly renovated hostel directly opposite Bondi Beach – Wake Up! Bondi Beach.

After staying at the hostel for only four days, I extended my stay for an entire month. Out of the 20 hostels I’ve stayed at throughout Australia, Wake Up! Bondi Beach feels the most like a family. From cozy movie nights upstairs to early morning fitness classes, I felt at home.

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When you’re ready for your Sydney beach getaway, Wake Up! Bondi Beach is my hostel of choice for these reasons:

The Daily Activities

Four days a week there are free fitness classes: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, head to the roof for yoga. On Wednesdays and Fridays, meet at reception to go to the beach for a personal training session with weights and touch rugby. One of my 2019 travel goals was to focus more on fitness while travelling. Not only did these free classes help fulfil my goal, but they helped me make friends that made this hostel a home.

In the evenings, enjoy events such as Karaoke, Trivia, free Wine & Cheese, and even an Aussie BBQ. Moreover, hire the free movie hard drive from reception for a cozy movie night or grab a free surfboard to catch some gnarly waves.

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The Building

Wake Up! Bondi Beach is quickly emerging as the perfect spot for your next Instagram post. The new renovations include a rooftop hangout spot overlooking the beach that lights up in the evening, repurposed wood panelling and comfy cushions in reception, and plenty of events to show your friends at home how great of a time you’re having.

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Backpackers World Travel, where I booked my entire East Coast, West Coast, and Outback tours, is down under (pun intended) the hostel and open all day, every day.

With an abundance of common areas, you’re always able to socialize even if you want a relaxed evening. If you’re seeking a night out, Wake Up! Bondi Beach has social events with free goon and free entry to various bars nearby such as Beach Road Hotel, Hotel Bondi, and the Bavarian.

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The Location

As a backpacker, I had low expectations for finding a resort experience while staying in budget hostels. But at Wake Up! Bondi Beach, I lived my best life going from sitting at reception to diving straight in to the ocean in less than 2 minutes.

Beyond the easy access to the beach, the hostel is right above The Bavarian, a bar with cheap happy hour deals. An array of surf shops and cute boutiques line the surrounding streets, along with artisan coffee shops and a Woolworths supermarket. If you’re looking to get closer to the city, the 333 bus takes you right to Bondi Junction where Westfield Mall and the train station linking to the city are located. Everything is, quite literally, just outside your doorstep.

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The Vibes

The hustle and bustle of the city is exciting, but exhausting. Beach life consists of sleeping in, playing cards and eating breakfast at reception, and enjoying a sand-and-salt covered day with the sound of the turquoise and blue waves crashing just a few meters away. The mix of short term and long-term guests creates a bubbling, social feeling throughout every room.

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The Family

Find your #squadgoals at Wake Up! Bondi Beach. Since this is a smaller hostel, it’s easy to recognize and connect with fellow travellers. I felt like part of a family and found myself calling Bondi Beach home. The staff at reception will take song requests and even joked with me about the many vegan and Seattle stickers on my laptop!

Every traveller I’ve met is keen for a beach getaway and Wake Up! Bondi Beach is, by far, my top pick to escape the busy city life.

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My Bondi family
by Janine Denney-Mazzilli

Hi there! My name is Janine and I am a self-professed, travel obsessed foodie from Seattle. I recently graduated the University of Washington and am now living my Australian dream on a working holiday! Follow along on @janini133


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