A foodies guide to eating your way through Australia

Isolated from all other continents, Australia has developed unique wildlife, crazy place names, ‘Strayan slang, and is home to jaw-dropping beaches, Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef. Beyond these obvious attributes is the weirdly wonderful Aussie food.

Check out some of the scrumptious and slightly bizarre highlights to add to your bucket list!

1) Vegemite

It may not be a dish, but Vegemite is an entire food group in Australia. A salty, yeasty, dark brown spread, it is best eaten on heavily buttered white toast with just a light spread of Vegemite. Will you love it or will you hate it?

2) Fairy Bread

An Aussie child’s birthday party wouldn’t be complete without this sweet treat. Luckily, the recipe is quite simple. First, butter some white bread. Next, cover it with as many sprinkles as humanly possible. Finally, devour the delicious Australian delicacy.

Fairy Bread
Image: @easyethnicrecipes
3) Sausage Rolls

The flaky, puff pastry crust filled with an assortment of soft meats, veggies, or lentils makes for a delightful party in your mouth.

4) Meat Pies

A personal-size pastry pie filled with meat and gravy. It often is filled with a few veggies or cheese and is topped with tomato sauce (ketchup).

5) Lamingtons

Similar to Pavlova, Lamingtons are an Aussie staple dessert. A lamington is made from layers of sponge cake covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut. The chocolate and coconut soak into the cake, giving it a phenomenal texture.

6) Sausage Sizzles

A sausage sizzle is a barbeque of ‘snags’ (sausages) placed into a single piece of white bread served with an assortment of sauces such as BBQ, ketchup, and mustard. It’s similar to an American hot dog, but with white bread instead of a hot dog bun. Many hostels up the east coast have sausage sizzle events, be sure to have one while you’re in ‘Straya!

7) Tim Tams

Two crunchy wafers filled with chocolate and covered in another layer of chocolate, Tim Tams are an Aussie staple. Your experience with a Tim Tam is never complete until you do a “Tim Tam Slam.” Nibble off two diagonal ends, use the biscuit as a straw for a hot drink, then SLAM the melted Tim Tam into your mouth! Ooey gooey chocolate heaven.

8) Pavlova

A pavlova (image below) is a meringue-based cake with a crispy crust and soft inside. It’s a simple summertime recipe, commonly eaten during the Christmas season.

Image: Rachel Wilkinson
9) Kangaroo

I may be vegan, but most travelers are not. If your taste buds are looking for an adventure, try Kangaroo! A chef friend of mine says it’s best eaten medium-rare.

10) Golden Gaytime

After you stop questioning and/or laughing at the name, you’ll realize a Golden Gaytime is the perfect addition to any Aussie summer day. This ice cream pop is toffee and vanilla flavored, coated in chocolate and crunchy biscuit pieces.

Image: @naturally_jamesy
11) Weet-Bix

Flaxy at first, soft when soaked, Weet-Bix is an Australian breakfast staple. You eat it just like any cereal, a splash of milk and voila! It tastes great!

12) Goon

Goon may not exactly be a nutritious meal, but that’s still open for debate. Made famous by budget backpackers, goon is a cheap form of bagged wine. High in alcohol percentage and low in cost, it’s easy to understand why it’s popular…

Have fun eating your way through Australia!

by Janine Denney-Mazzilli

Hi there! My name is Janine and I am a self-professed, travel obsessed foodie from Seattle. I recently graduated the University of Washington and am now living my Australian dream on a working holiday! Follow along on @janini133

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