A day in the life: Surf Camp Australia

Did you know that we at Wake Up! have been partners with Surf Camp Australia for over 10 years?! Yep, for over two decades, we’ve been working together to show travellers the very best City + Surf experiences in NSW.

So with the year that 2020 has brought us, we thought what better time than now to showcase our incredible partnership!

Introducing: Surf Camp Australia!

Set in the stunning South Coast town of Gerroa, what does a typical day at Surf Camp look like, you ask? Join us as we take a sneak peek into a typical ‘day in the life’ at Surf Camp Australia…

Shakas at the ready legends – let’s dive in! 

Experience a bucket-list adventure with Wake Up and Surf Camp's City to Surf Package experience. From Sydney CBD to Gerroa on the South Coast, you'll experience it all.
Experience a bucket-list adventure with Wake Up and Surf Camp's City to Surf Package experience. From Sydney CBD to Gerroa on the South Coast, you'll experience it all.


Rise and shine! Jump into the showers and prepare to seize the day. After you’re dressed and ready, head over to the camp’s bungalow-inspired dining area where breakfast is already prepared and waiting for you.


Wetties on! Sun’s up, surf’s up, and it’s time to make the most of the day! With your swimmers on, the legendary instructors will fit you for your new best friend: your wetsuit.


Now you’re dressed with all the gear, it’s time to venture down to the picturesque Seven Mile Beach. Take a moment to enjoy the stunning scenery as you pass through the Crooked River estuary because before you know it, you’ll be matched with a board and ready for your first surf lesson! Your surf instructors will take you through absolutely everything you need to know (as well as what not to do – take note of the ‘sexy lizard’). 


With the first lesson of the day under your belt, it’s time to head back to camp and rinse off! The kitchen crew have been busy prepping lunch while you were out, so grab a plate and chill out. Chat with new friends, soak up some sunshine or even give some of the camp games a go! Trust us, they’re addictive.

At Surf Camp Australia, enjoy instructed lessons in a fun and social group setting. The perfect gift idea, or gap-year worthy experience, right here in the NSW South Coast!


Rested and refuelled, it’s time for wetties round two! Back down at the beach with your surfboards, you’ll first learn more about how to do a surf check, what conditions are best, along with some fun facts about the sport. Then, shakas out – you’re back in the water!


Shower time! After a full-on day, it’s time to get dry, sit back and enjoy a well-deserved bevvie with the group. This is an awesome time to catch a stunning Gerroa sunset.

After your surf lesson, enjoy a stunning sunset at Gerroa.


As the sun goes down, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind: dinner. Surrounded with new friends, head back to camp and tuck into the feast awaiting you. As the night kicks on, prepare for a lot of laughs as the party games and playing cards are bought out. 


More drinks, more games, and if you’re lucky enough, you might just catch an impromptu salsa lesson from the crew (fingers crossed).


Quiet time at camp. If you’re keen to party on, join the group as they head down to the beach. As the night wraps up, head back to your rooms to prepare to do it all again tomorrow… 

Want in?

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Featured image: @sylvia_israel

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