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8 travel podcasts we’re loving right now

This post is inspired by day six of our 30-day At Home Travel Challenge, helping to keep you inspired for future travels during isolation.

Podcasts are great at any time of year. But as it turns out, they are particularly handy during these times of social distancing and travel bans. Not only can a podcast provide you with a different voice than the daily hum of your housemate or Joe Exotic, but it can also reconnect you with those passions of yours which might have got a little bit lost during these uncertain times. And if you’re like us, one of those passions is travel!

Below, we’ve wrapped up eight travel podcasts to help you mentally escape.

The Travel Diaries

Host Holly Rubenstein is an entertainment and travel journalist. Naturally then, her guests include the likes of Poppy Delevingne and Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, each discussing their travel adventures around the world. You’ll be transported to exotic and far flung places, and it’s difficult not to fall in love with the enthusiasm in which both Holly and her guests talk. Listen here.

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Like the name suggests, this podcast focuses on how to travel more and spend less. Host Travis Sherry also highlights specific destinations, provides Top 10 lists, and interviews some very awesome names in the travel game. He’s regularly adding episodes during this time of coronavirus to keep our travel spirits high. Listen here.

Contiki Out Of Office Podcast

We’re big fans of Contiki, and that extends to their Out Of Office podcast. Although it (so far) only has one season published from 2019, the episodes all share incredible tales from young, hungry travellers discussing a variety of hot topics, and might have you feel like you’re chatting with a bunch of friends. Listen here.

Zero To Travel Podcast

Host Jason Moore’s aim with this podcast is to show you how you can travel the world on your terms. He chats with guests who share how they live life on the road, and who provide advice on topics like: starting and running an online business from anywhere, budget travel strategies, the digital nomad life, and how to plan epic adventures. Good news: he’s continuing to update his episodes frequently at the moment. Listen here.

Out Of Office: A Travel Podcast

This podcast is great to get a really varied range of travel content going through your ears: from local day trips to high-flyin’ overseas adventures, from practical advice to outlandish tales. Their guests include New York Times travel editors, documentary filmmakers and escape room experts. Currently, they are changing up their schedule and focusing their episodes on content that listeners will find useful during the pandemic. Brilliant! Listen here.

Women Who Travel

Condé Nast Traveler editors lead this podcast, and take us through the realities of traveling as a woman today. They discuss really interesting and relatable topics, and lately their content has pivoted to align with where the world of travel is at the moment (like the episode: ‘All Our Complicated Feelings About Travel Right Now’). Listen here.


These Australian millennials use this podcast to empower us to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Their 2020 episodes have focused moreso on lifestyle, but scroll back a little and you’ll find their travel talk. Listen here.

Rick Steves Travel Talks

You’ve likely heard of Rick Steves through his audio guides or books. This Podcast focuses largely on European travels, including ‘Europe for Foodies’, ‘Sicily Travel Skills’ and ‘Beginning German for Travellers’. Listen here.

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