My 7 top tips for your trip to Surf Camp Australia

7 tips for making the most of Surf Camp Australia

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Join us as our Marketing Manager, Jaimmi McGregor, takes you on an in-depth guide to exploring our very own backyard here in New South Wales.

It’s been a year. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that our own backyard in Australia has far more to offer than I ever could have imagined. More than anything, I’ve gained a renewed appreciation for the incredible country we call home.

While (like many others) my overseas travel plans for the year went out the window, it’s provided the ultimate excuse to dive into the rich landscapes and experiences right here on our own doorstep. Better yet, it’s given us the opportunity to make ‘someday’ today. 

As an Australian who has never tried surfing before, I thought what better time to jump on board (pun intended) and see what all of the fuss was about!

Brimming with excitement and eager to jump into an adventure, I rallied together a group of friends and before we knew it we were booked in for a trip to Surf Camp Australia. And what an incredible trip it was! 

Here are my 7 top tips to making the most of your Surf Camp Australia adventure. 

1) Shoes are optional, shakas are a must.

From the moment you step into camp, leave the stress behind and embrace the surfer lifestyle. 

Phones down. Vibes up. 

With everything taken care of from your meals, to your accommodation, daily schedules and more, there is nothing left to do except sit back, relax and leave the adulting to the Surf Camp crew. Take advantage of the opportunity to switch off. Pop the phone away and embody the carefree, positive, relaxed surfer lifestyle. Throw your shakas up and let the good times flow. 

2) Forget the French Riviera, hello South Coast NSW

I’ll admit, prior to this trip I was skeptical of the rave reviews my friend had exclaimed about the Sydney to Kiama train journey. As someone who catches the train to work daily, the sound of a two hour trip down the coast didn’t exactly ignite a spark of excitement. However, I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. 

Where I was expecting a dull ride, I was instead met with sweeping views of the coastal landscape. Before I knew it, we were out of the city and venturing through the Royal National Park, scenic hillside landscapes, and stunning coastal towns. With a direct train from Central Station (right opposite Wake Up! Sydney Central) straight to Kiama station, it was a breeze to jump aboard. Better yet, the Surf Camp crew were ready and waiting at the other end to pick us up and shuttle us to camp!

Safe to say, I humbly ate my words and would urge anyone else to give the train ride a go.

3) Pack yourself & good vibes

To say I overpacked would be an understatement. Fully catered, the team has you covered from meals to sunscreen, wetsuits, linen, and banter by the barrel loads. 

Simply pack the essentials (Clothing! A towel! Togs!), yourself, a positive attitude, and get ready to make the most of it! 

4) Get ready to make friends!

Go solo, or with friends – either way, prepare to make lots of new friends! 

Social mode = on! Get ready to mingle (covid-safely) because the people you meet are incredible. In our short time there, we were so humbled to have met such incredible friends from all walks of life. 

5) There’s more to surfing than meets the eye

“Success is failing over and over again without losing enthusiasm”

Little did I know, some of my favourite moments of the trip had nothing to do with surfing at all. The moments of connection with others, the overwhelming sense of support and inclusion from a group of strangers, the personal growth I experienced even in my short trip…

At 24, trying to master a new skill while watching a 6-year-old tear it up next to you can be daunting. It put me out of my comfort zone, pushed my boundaries, and threw me into a new challenge. More than anything, it was a mental experience. It tests your resilience and pushes you to never lose enthusiasm despite repeated failures. 

As I was dusting myself off, laughing at yet another face plant attempt to stand up, one of the legendary instructors Zac said, “Success is failing over and over again without losing enthusiasm”. And too right he was. 

While I mightn’t be the next Stephanie Gilmore, the people, culture, and personal growth are what I’ll take with me from Surf Camp.

6) Put the weather apps down

Perfect if it rains, perfect if it’s sunny. Stress less about the weather, because you’ll get wet either way!

While the sun is always preferable, one thing I realised is surfing is the perfect wet weather activity – you’re already wet! Forget about what the weatherman says and see what the tides bring you! Embrace the chilled vibes and just enjoy what you are given regardless. Because I can tell you, the weather was not in our favour and we had a BLAST. 

7) Throw shakas, always

A lot of what you will learn at Surf Camp can be translated into your day to day life. You’re going to fall off. More than once. And that’s okay. 

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Gerroa, I’ll be back.

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