30 fair dinkum Aussie slang terms you need to know before heading Down Under

Now if there’s one thing we Australian’s – or should I say, Aussies – are known for, it’s our slang. We love to have a good yarn (chat) and our unique way of speaking English can be quite confusing when you first arrive. To help you out, I’ve put together 30 common expressions you need to know before heading Down Under.

1. ‘Straya = Australia.
2. Heaps = very common word for lots or plenty.
3. Arvo = Afternoon. E.g. “See you this Arvo” 
Not to be confused with: 
4. Avo = which is simply an avocado.
5. Sanga = a sandwich.
6. No wokkas = means no worries aka, “No problems“, “Don’t worry about it”, or even “You’re welcome
7. Brissy = Brisbane
8. Kiwi = a person from New Zealand. (Aka someone from ‘across the ditch’)
9. Brekkie = Breakfast. “Oi mate, want some Corn Flakes for brekkie?
10. Togs/bathers/cossie = swimsuit/swimmers. 
11. Servo = Service station/gas station.
12. Smoko = A break at work. Traditionally used when having a cigarette break. 
13. Stuffed = Tired. “Sorry guys, I can’t make it – I’m stuffed
14. Ciggie = A cigarette.
15. Maccas = McDonalds.
16. Mate = A person – from a friend to a complete stranger. “Thanks mate!
17. Shelia = A woman. “She’s a good-looking sheila
18. Rooster = A guy. “He’s a good lookin’ rooster
19. Root = Sex. “Had a root last night – high five!
20. Misso/missus = Someone’s girlfriend/wife. “Me and the Misso just saw a Koala
21. Bogan = An unsophisticated Australian person. 
22. Jumper = Sweatshirt.
23. Goon = Cheap cask wine (aka your new best friend)
24. Maggot = Very drunk. “He was maggot last night!
25. Esky = A portable drink cooler/cooler box. 
26. Coldie = Beer
27. Tinnie = A beer
28. Frothy = Also a beer
29. Slab/Case = A carton of beers
30. Yeah nah = Maybe.

Essentially, if you abbreviate everything you will fit right in. If in doubt – it probably means beer – but always be sure to just ask (We don’t bite!) There are literally thousands of slang terms and we could go on for days, but these will get you by when you first arrive! It’ll get easier with time, and you’ll have mastered the perfect ‘Strayan slang in no time at all! 

Good luck and catch ya soon! 

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